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                Portable Power & battery Pack Manufacturer



                Libower was established in 2006. It is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in lithium battery packs, portable power supply product design, R&D, production, sales and service. The main products are laptop batteries and mobile power (for mobile phones and tablet computers. , notebook computers), car emergency starting batteries, battery power tools, custom batteries and other power products. Products sell well in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America.

                Since its inception, we have focused on providing customers with lithium battery packs, portable power OEM/ODM services, and now have a total of more than 500 battery power products of various brands. Our products are fully compatible with the world's famous brands, and have obtained CE, ROHS, FCC certificate and national enterprise implementation standards certification.

                In 2014, under the joint efforts of the wise leadership of our decision-making stratum and the employees of the entire company, we were successfully rated as a “national high-tech enterprise”.

                With rich manufacturing experience, reliable production process, strong production capacity, advanced equipment and efficient management team, our company has an annual production capacity of more than 1000,000 pcs, providing customers with cost-effective products and excellent services.

                At the same time, through a strong R&D team, we launch various new battery power products every month to market; “At the same time, we also provide tailor-made OEM and ODM product services.” In addition, we can also provide brand design and packaging. Box design, label design and other value added services to customers.

                We have consistently won praise from customers at home and abroad for ensuring reasonable prices, fast delivery, professional technical support and perfect after-sales service.

                Our mission is to provide OEM/ODM battery power solutions to our customers. Through our products, we become the most valuable supplier for our customers and at the same time establish a win-win, long-lasting relationship with our customers.



                • 2020

                  Launch new 120W and 150W portable power station in the market.

                • 2019

                  Attended the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

                • 2018

                  Attended the Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Japan (IT WEEK) Fair

                • 2017

                  Lauch portable power house,portable power strip and car inverte

                • 2016

                  Implement brand development strategy,lauch premium quality batteries than market

                • 2015

                  Participate in International exhibitions,Hongkong Electronics Show,CES Exhibition,Berlin Fair,register amazon.com and alibaba.com

                • 2014

                  Award High-tech Enterprise Certificate,Computer software copyright registration certificate

                • 2013

                  Start join e-commerce platform

                • 2012

                  Company move forward,improve corporate culture

                • 2011

                  Particite in canton fair

                • 2010

                  The company's business is transformed from single business to diversified business

                • 2009

                  Open Huaqiang North Battery Store

                • 2008

                  Acquired FC CE RoHs certification

                • 2007

                  Successfully passed International Quality Management System Certification ISO9001

                • 2006

                  Company founded





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